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The strange but true facts about rollercoasters:

The chances of being seriously injured or to die on a roller coaster is 1 in 24 million, and 1 in 750 million. You have better chances of dying from a vending machine, or falling off your bed!

"Son of Beast" was the first and currently the only wooden coaster in history to have featured a vertical loop. It opened in 2000 and the loop was removed in 2006. The ride then closed for good in 2009, and demolished in 2012.

The oldest operating roller coaster is "Leap the Dips" at Lakemont Park in Pennsylvania. It opened in 1902.

Cedar Point also held many firsts. The ride "Corkscrew" was the first coaster in the world to have 3 inversions. Cedar Point's "Magnum XL-200" was the first rollercoaster to stand over 200 feet tall! Also, 'Millenium Force" was the first full-circuit coaster to stand over 300 feet tall!

Above: Corkscrew at Cedar Point is still operating today!

Each year, over 300 million people ride rollercoasters in the United States alone! U.S. parks get over 9 billion dollars in revenue!

America's first theme park was Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It opened in 1955!