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The blues prgression or 1 4 5 progression, was, as the name would suggest, popularized by blues artists in the late 50's to early 60's, and has been a staple in American music in particular ever since. This chord progression often uses chords with a dominant 7th, which makes for a "bluesy-er" sound. It has been used by musicians like Led Zeppelin, the Who, Ray Charles, Meghan Trainor, and many others.

"Rock and Roll"- Led Zeppelin
"What I'd Say"- Ray Charles
"Baba O'Reilly"- the Who
"All About That Bass"- Meghan Trainor
"Teenagers"- My Chemical Romance
"Pride and Joy"- Stevie Ray Vaughan

"Batman Theme"- Neal Hefti

"Kiss"- Prince
"Folsom Prison Blues"- Johnny Cash
"Can't Buy Me Love"- the Beatles